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August 10, 2015

Sunday was a good day, a good starting point in trying to reprogram myself into a more positive individual. Spent most of the day being productive with housework, and when not doing that playing some Madden while waiting for the new one to be released I began a new franchise game as the San Diego Chargers. There wasn’t a particular high point, but just an all around pleasant day. I expect the same today, though I will be at work so I may not have as productive a day, even though I get a lot of knowledge that will be useful during training, I don’t actually get much done.

Today, I am grateful for the fact that I have a good job with legitimate opportunities to advance, and advance quickly. I am grateful that because of the job I can now start correcting some of the mistakes I made in my youth. I am also grateful for having three individuals in my life who I love and they return that love on a regular basis.

Yesterday’s exercise involved walking my dogs for a mile, with the express purpose of walking for a mile. According to my fitbit, I walked just under 10,000 steps on the day, finishing with 9,749, which isn’t bad. Since most days I get around 7,000-7,500 steps. I imagine for the next week or so this will be where my step totals will be, though I’ll need to find a way to push over the 10,000 step goal I set for myself.

My meditation yesterday was completed in the confines of a warm bath, something I don’t usually allow myself the pleasure of having. Still, coming out of the bath I felt more relaxed both mentally and physically, which really is the point of baths. As opposed to showers where the goal is to get clean.

As for my weight loss, the exercise I’m doing as part of my positivity programming will also serve as a beginning to meeting my weight loss goal. It’s a significant goal, as such I want to allow myself plenty of time to reach it. So, my goal is to down to 225 pounds by my 36th birthday, which is a year and 6 days from now.

Today, for example my weight is 357 pounds, with 71.3 percent of that being body fat according to my scale (I believe the 357, big birthday celebration dinner and all, the body fat percentage seems off though). So 132 pounds in about 53 weeks, seems doable enough as long as I stay on task. Ideally, I also want my body fat percentage to be between 15 and 20 percent, which is really going to be the hardest part because I enjoy fatty foods way too much.

Still, I’m going to work hard, and I will reach this goal. As such as I do my positivity programming, I’ll include updates on the weight loss as well. Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day.


Re-Calibrating Myself

I’ve been inactive on this site for awhile. No excuses, just haven’t done what I said I was going to and haven’t done all I need to keep myself accountable for my writing habits. I’ve been watching a lot of things lately, trying to develop myself a little bit on a personal level, and I think there’s a few things I can do to help re-calibrate myself to find positives in the world, but also to find positives in myself. That’s something I’ve struggled with a great deal.

Since my last entry I have embarked on a new career, with one of the largest banks in the United States. This bank is about developing their talent and really doing all they can to keep people in their employ for long stretches of time. I’ve been a lot of places where they tout that they promote within, and all of that, and never see anything resembling those promises. I’ve seen 4 promotions and 2 other internal job listings for positions higher up the ladder in the 2 and a half weeks I’ve been with the bank. It doesn’t hurt that the bank has also treated me well as a customer for the nearly 9 years I’ve been with them. It’s finally beginning to feel like I’ve found a place I can grow into a career. Which took me longer than I would have liked.

As I’ve been going through my training, some led by a facilitator and some done via web based modules I’ve had some free time between lessons. Sometimes I’ve used that time to get more well versed in product knowledge, I can’t suggest a savings account to a customer if I don’t know anything about savings accounts. The rest of that time has been used viewing TED talks, which can provide me with some insights that I didn’t really have before. Now, I came across one I saw at a previous job, one I really enjoyed, from Shawn Achor. Having seen this one before, it reminded me of a habit I had gotten into at that previous job, and saw results from. Though that job just felt wrong to me, the process and habits mentioned in this video did work. As such, I’m here, going to use this site to re-start that habit, to re-calibrate myself, and become more positive and ideally more successful in my new career.

Since I get paid on Fridays for the foreseeable future, I will likely begin actually adding my journaling, my gratefulness, and acts of kindness on Sunday, allowing me to actually devote time to getting them done on Saturday. I think carrying a small notebook with me, writing things down as they happen will actually make it easier to recall things that I’ve done and would like to add to the journaling here. I think I also want to have a hard copy as well, so I can write it myself, make it even more committed to memory. I intend to do that for at least 21 days, but ultimately I hope to do it much longer than that. I want to make it a regular thing for a long time, to keep myself in a better frame of mind and help increase my personal success.

The other thing I hope to do on a daily basis is follow my weight loss plan, which partially fits in with the journaling I intend to do. Ultimately, if there’s not a concrete goal, it’s hard to stay focused. Even with a concrete goal, it can be hard to stay focused. I know I’ve lost focus many times, I still keep coming back to attempting to reach them, but because I let it slide I end up a little farther away every time I start over. So, I’m hoping to instill a little discipline with the journaling and exercise, and just trying to become a better person overall. If you want to follow along, great, I’d love to hear some feedback, tips and such. If you don’t, that’s okay too. This isn’t really about gathering regular readers, it’s about re-calibrating me to a better frame of mind and finding a better physical me.