…All I need is some positive momentum

August 18, 2015

Yesterday wasn’t a banner day, but it also wasn’t really bad. I wasn’t quite as excellent during my work with clients as I normally am, and I kind of got the feeling I was a distraction during training. Not ideal, but certainly not terrible. I got to spend some time talking to one of the women in class, nothing too terribly deep or anything, but idle chit-chat. It’s nice that someone made a bit of effort to do that. Beyond that though, there wasn’t a particular high point for the day which makes journaling about a good experience from the day a little more difficult. Still, the fact that I’m fitting into class and such, that’s good. One of the things I always worry about in training situations is that my personality will be too big and throw off the chemistry of the room and provide a chance for some hard feelings. I don’t want to create hard feelings, just want to help people keep up with me, because I learn ridiculously quickly.

As for my exercise, I didn’t get quite as long of a walk as I usually do, only about a mile. The pace was less deliberate though, so it felt a little more effective as exercise than as a meditation period. Most likely because I wasn’t trying to enjoy a cigar at the same time. Still, I do enjoy getting out and moving around and trying to work away some stress, and ideally some of the copious amounts of body fat I’m currently carrying.

I am also grateful for the fact that my dogs are relatively well trained. They were when we got them, which makes for relatively easy ownership. They are potty trained, and will let me know when they need to take care of their business. They are also generally excited to go on our evening walks. They’re amazing.

I think some gratitude needs to be extended to my trainer at work. He’s done an excellent job of presenting information in a clear and relatively concise manner. It leads to fewer questions that can bog down a class when trying to prepare to be talking to and assisting clients. I hate classes that get easily sidetracked, but he does a good job keeping things on point.

I am also grateful for Maria, it’s rare that it feels like someone actually wants to be around me. By that, I mean actively seeking out my company and talking to me. It’s not an everyday thing, but certainly happens enough to make me feel like someone wants to be my friend. Since I moved to Utah almost 7 years ago, I haven’t made many friends partially because I hadn’t stayed in the same place too long, and partially because I feel like I don’t fit in here. Maria isn’t from around here, so that’s probably part of the reason we interact so well.

I’m going to work on making today a better day, thank you again for taking a moment to read my thoughts.


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