…All I need is some positive momentum

August 17, 2015

Yesterday was my birthday, it’s a nice day for reflection and relaxation but I really try to keep it from being a big deal. My mantra for most things is ‘Act like you’ve been there before’. Big celebrations and the like, that’s not my style. But, a day with very few responsibilities gives me a chance to reflect on years past, to allow myself a chance to look at my long term future, and after all of that to live in a moment that is nearly perfect.

With yesterday being my birthday, I didn’t do much exercise, but I did get out for a mile and three-quarters walk with my dachshunds (Copper and Patrick aka my best friends) while enjoying a Don Pepin Garcia Blue Label cigar. It was an excellently flavored smoke, but would have really benefitted from a little more time to rest before I smoked it. I also managed to add a plank to my routine in the morning, work on the core muscles because that’s where most of my weight troubles lie. I think an evening walk and a good cigar after work should become a regular thing. Granted, the only cigar I have left is more of an event cigar than a nightly walk one.

Yesterday was also about free food, burgers from Red Robin (…Yum!) and a free sub from Firehouse Subs. Firehouse Subs is where I accomplished my good deed for the day, I donated $5 to local first responders (fire, police, EMTs, and others). I’m not usually one for donating in a store of any sort, so that was a little different for me. Still there are a lot of people relying on those folks and I’m sure any extra money helps. It didn’t make me feel as… I don’t know, warm and fuzzy, I guess, as returning the tennis ball on Saturday, but it felt nice to be helping.

Today, I’m grateful for my friends, and not just Copper and Patrick, but my human friends. Most of them just can’t drop everything to come and see me on my birthday and I’m sure for most of them posting a happy birthday message on Facebook is just a quick chore done with little thought, but it means a lot to me. Knowing that I’m not forgotten by those who I was really close with in Pennsylvania.

I am also grateful for good weather. While the days here have been brutally hot, by the time Copper, Patrick, and I head out for our evening walk it’s usually comfortably cool. So it means we can get a large percentage of our walk completed before they need a break. On a related note, I need to get a collapsible water dish to take with us on our walks. I want to regularly be walking 2 miles each evening with them, so I think some water will help them get through it a little easier. Regardless of that, the fact the nights have been ideal for a walk has been wonderful.

Perhaps the thing I am most grateful for today, is that I finally seem to be getting on track with my career. It’s been about a month since I started working at Wells Fargo, and it feels like a really good fit. Granted, it might be the fact that the novelty of being a banker hasn’t worn off yet, but it feels right. Even working in one of the call center portions of the banking service feels right. I work with good people, and it’s like the bank actually cares about me as a person, and as a team member. The fact that I have so many different options as to how to continue my career also doesn’t hurt. I thought once before that I was on the right track with my career only for the train to get derailed, but this time, it just feels like a great fit.

Once again, thank you for stopping by to read my thoughts. Have an excellent day.


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